An all-round local dentist

At Putney Dental Surgery, we provide a wide range of oral health care solutions to people who need a dentist in Putney. Whether you need a routine check-up, a cosmetic enhancement, or emergency repairs, our warm welcome and wealth of experience will enhance your dental health.

All kinds of dental care

Dentist in PutneyOur aim is to improve your overall wellbeing by caring for your teeth and your oral hygiene. The regular check-up is a crucial part of this ongoing process. We are highly trained professionals, able to spot the early signs of potential trouble before they turn into worrying developments like gum disease and tooth decay. Our up-to-date hygiene advice will ensure you have the knowledge to properly look after your teeth at home.

The minor and the not-so-minor

People often need a dentist in Putney for cosmetic reasons. Small imperfections can have a big impact on how you feel about your appearance. Discolouration, for example, is a common problem. Over the years, the residues left on your teeth by food and drink can build up into unsightly stains. Luckily, our teeth whitening treatment is a speedy way to overcome this condition, and achieve a bright and brilliant smile.

As a restoration dentist in Putney, we’re often required to replace missing teeth. Whether you’ve lost one tooth in a dining mishap, or several teeth for various reasons, we can use dental implants to give you back what you’ve been missing. In this procedure, a small metal post is placed into your jawbone, providing a stable base for the replacement teeth. They’re so secure that you can bite into and chew your favourite foods, without the hassle of dental adhesives or the worry that the new teeth might fall out.

We believe our patients should be able to see the dentist in Putney at a convenient time. That’s why we offer evening appointments and Saturdays. Our practice is within walking distance of two tube stations, and there’s a bus stop on our street. Our friendly team will be happy to discuss your dental health history, and find the most appropriate way to achieve your desired oral health improvements.