A caring local dentist

At Putney Dental Surgery, we offer a complete range of oral health care services to anyone who needs a dentist in Putney. Our warm welcome and relaxing waiting area will put you at ease as soon as you walk through the door. Whether you need emergency repairs, long-term treatment, or a routine check-up, our aim is to improve your overall wellbeing by enhancing your dental health.

Dentist in PutneyA skilful dentist in Putney

A crucial part of oral health is the regular dental check-up. With our wealth of knowledge and experience, we can spot the early signs of potential tooth decay and gum disease before they develop into serious problems. By providing up-to-date hygiene advice, based on the latest industry research, we can ensure you’ll maintain a bright smile and fresh breath.

Many people ask the dentist in Putney to improve the appearance of their teeth. Things like discolouration or small chips on the edge of a tooth can have a big impact on your visual appeal. Luckily, situations like these can be speedily transformed with our cosmetic solutions. Teeth whitening, for example, is a simple, comfortable process that will give you a brilliant smile.

Gradual changes

We also offer tooth realignment treatment, to straighten your smile. Straighter teeth look better, function more efficiently, and are easier to keep clean. Our modern braces and aligners are made of discreet materials, often transparent or tooth-coloured. This means you won’t attract too much unwanted attention while your treatment is ongoing. Afterwards, the valuable improvements will last for many years.

For missing teeth, we offer the powerful solution of dental implants. Whether you’ve lost one tooth in a sporting injury, or many teeth after years of decay, we can give you fully-functioning, natural-looking replacements. Using a small metal post, placed into your jawbone, as a stable base, these new teeth allow you to enjoy biting into your food again.

We believe you should be able to access a dentist in Putney at a time that’s convenient for you, which is why we offer evening and weekend appointments. We are located within walking distance of two tube stations, and there’s a bus stop close to our door.